what we did

Toscano Estate had the need to make a complete restyling of its web portal, while keeping the guidelines previously adopted by the company. One of the aims of this group, considered one of the best realities on the national territory, was to redefine the product in terms of design. The central goal of the Toscano project was to make accessible the website through all devices: desktop and mobile.

  • ui design
  • front-ende development


After careful analysis of the various options to be undertaken at the design level, in collaboration with the Toscano team, it was decided to perform a slight restyling of the product, however, we developed a completely new HTML template highly optimized for each device.


We have carefully evaluated the choice of colors that we were going to used, like primary color we chose the color of the Toscano Group for which it is known without scratching the original idea of the company. The operation to clean all the design from each visual element unnecessary has been rethought along with the Toscano team with which, in addition, we also worked together to resolve issues related to the User Interface level.