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Pane Vino Architettura.

“My story begins with the smell of coffee, poured boiling in white cups, in the technical study of my family. Studio was the kitchen, the kitchen was home, the house was life.”
Silvia Finco, Pane Vino Architettura

Pane Vino Architettura tells the story of a journey, the life of an extraordinary Italian architect. Studio like home, like life, where ideas are born and dreams that blend with the smell of coffee.


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Pane Vino Architettura project is the brainchild of an Italian architect, Silvia Finco, who wanted to tell about giving a new interpretation to the place Studio. The Silvia Finco Studio is home, a place that encloses her memories, her soul and creative sensitivity. A place where everyone can sit around the table of creativity to tell their own stories. FrontEnd develop by Patrick David

01. Approach

A project born from a major partnership with a professional of the sector, which gave an added value thanks to the creative direction, to a strong concept and a branding designed in every detail. A team that has been chosen, found, and has attained a unique harmony. The mission was to design an elegant and effective frontend, capable of enhancing an image that goes beyond the scope of single architecture. A website that can accommodate a style of being and a way of feeling the same creative projects and life. A project born from the collaboration with the architect, but that we have perceived like it was ours. Because we care about all your needs and we take seriously any challenge.

02. Design Direction

The website Pane Vino Architettura was born with the purpose of telling a story: for this reason it has been designed an interface that induce to the discovery, at the same time capable of giving soul to the storytelling and at the copy provided. The end user experience, designed by the color palette until the attention to every detail, are the result of a common vision, to remove what is not necessary, and to achieve the maximum with a minimalist style and a careful study of detail.






03. Project

The project was developed through the use of the Wordpress CMS. We have chosen carefully to create a custom theme for Wordpress in order to allow interaction and usability on each device.
We did an analysis for a correct visualization of the content and images.

  • Full responsive
  • CMS Wordpress
  • Theme Wordpress Development
  • Bootstrap
  • SASS

04. Skills

The development of the frontend and the Theme for Wordpress have been the heart of the project. We made a careful planning of the topic and of the part of the animations that have involved the test in multi devices and browser.

User Experience.



Visual Design

Frontend Design


Interactive FrontEnd


CMS Development

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