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Oleomec was founded in 1991 in Belluno by the work of Tullio and Renzo da Ros. Initially the company started as a snc, but in 1992 it will change its business name to Srl. Oleomec Srl is a qualified company, which apart from to deal with the distribution and resale of the major brands of pneumatic and hydraulic sector, technical articles of broad application and specific products for the pharmaceutical industry, food and beverages, offers to its customers a wide range of services: external design programmed and the possibility to call for urgencies and extraordinary maintenance, filtration hydraulic oil.


Corporate WebSite


FrontEnd and CMS Development



The main objective of Oleomec Srl was to expand its catchment area communicating its long experience in the industry, entering with force in the online world. The realization of a complete catalog of products online treated had the objective of helping the B2B world in research and consultation of offered items. Project Developed by Patrick David

01. Approach

The project was aimed at creating an easy to navigate portal that would bring the user to the discovery and research of the products processed. At the base of the portal there has been a careful analysis of the user interface to bring the web site to be highly available through all mobile devices.

02. Design Direction

The numerous products treated have allowed the development of navigation interface focused on four main categories of treated items. These four sections are present through a dedicated menu, available on each page and expanded on the home page, highly accessible from every page. The structure of the website allows of advancing between the various categories of products in a simple way and linear, allowing to rebuild the navigation path through the breadcrumbs. The design is clean and minimal, where the color of the lure is made through the exposure of the treated articles. The colors chosen, addition to the main color of the brand, are turquoise to invoke the integrity and competence of the company.






03. Project

The project was developed through the use of the Wordpress CMS to allow the complete independence of the customer in the choice of content changes and Website pages. Each site component can be easily modified through the custom interfaces designed for the client.
A wide area of research allows for easy navigation through the treated products.

  • Full responsive
  • CMS Wordpress
  • Wordpress Custom Theme Creation
  • Multilanguages
  • Bootstrap
  • SASS

04. Skills

The heart of the project was the development of the user interface and frontend part. This part involves the creation of conceptual wireframes and mockups proposed to the client for the interface programming. One of the key points of the project was the development of a custom theme for Wordpress CMS with the implementation of interfaces that allow the customer an easy modification of the data.

User Experience.



Visual Design

Creative Design



CMS Development

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