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“We are a passionate team who puts in the foreground your needs and your desires. For years we work in the field of interior design solutions and design. Our work is pure precision, to create your own home, such as customized dress you've always dreamed of.”

EmmeArredo s a firm of interior design, born in Limana, in the province of Belluno, who has been working for years in the design of furniture solutions.


Corporate WebSite


FrontEnd and CMS Development



With EmmeArredo we pointed the focus on their vision compared to interior design. The hermetic style, minimalist and elegant are the values of the company that we have highlighted in the construction of the website representing the products with high level design that the company offers to its customers. Project Developed by Patrick David

01. Approach

We chose to follow a line of expression that respects the idea of the company. The contents were to be usable and the products on display were to be represented through a simple visual representation but clear and with a great impact on the user.

02. Design Direction

The color palette blends with the colors of the logo. The colors used tend to emphasize the elegance of the products offered, not to mention the red color with which we expressed the warmth of the house. The site layout is clean and minimal, however, without being never trivial. We have prominent place the products visualization where professional photos express the richness of the items that the company offers to its customers.






03. Project

EmmeArredo project was developed through the use of the Wordpress CMS. We have reserved a careful analysis of the user interface with particular attention to the development of pages produced. We have developed through the Bootstrap framework, the most popular for the development of Web projects.

  • Full responsive
  • CMS Wordpress
  • Wordpress Custom Theme Creation
  • Bootstrap
  • SASS

04. Skills

EmmeArredo project involves the development of all areas of a web project. From the web design phase to the development phase of the frontend, until the creation of a fully customized Wordpress theme.

User Experience.



Visual Design

Creative Design



CMS Development

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