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Look Occhiali.

“A solid concept, an ambitious but tangible goal: to put man and his visual wellbeing in the center of our values.”

Look Occhiali is an italian handcraft company founded in 1978 in one of the most charming areas of Bel Paese: the Dolomites, considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Look Occhiali, considered one of the most beautiful reality of the Italian eyewear sector, designs and manufactures high-quality glasses.


Corporate WebSite


Frontend, Backend Development and CMS Development



Look Occhiali has chosen Patrick David Creative Agency to modernize its online image, and so to be able to transmit their values to its customers. Besides the restyling of the site, the main objective of Look Occhiali was the creation of a digital Showroom that could accompany the online user to the discovery of the models offered by the house and then to lead him to discover a world where craftsmanship and Made in Italy is to first place. Project Developed by Patrick David

01. Approach

For us it is very important to listen to our client, understand his needs, knowing his tastes, and this is why after a careful phase of direct meetings, we have decided to make a restyling of the website where the store locator and Showroom had to be the focal points of the entire project.

The digital Showroom was meant to represent the ultimate expression of the product to be able to stimulate the user to navigate to find out the lines and the new models of Look Occhiali. It was important to be able to create a virtual journey that would satisfy the physical client.

02. Design Direction

The first thing that we worked on were the colors of the brand; developing a clean and clear layout. References to the logo are present in different sections of the Look Occhiali website. Then, we optimized the structure of the site for navigation highlighting the Showroom section through the creation of a mega menu, in order to stimulate the user to search for the most appropriate model to their needs. An eye of respect has also been intended for B2B either through the study of the appropriate entries from the mega menu, either through a search input that would allow the optician to search for the selected model and to be able to exploit the digital showroom like a virtual catalog that it can also be used in the physical store.






03. Project

The project was developed through the use of the Wordpress CMS. The decision to use Wordpress was dictated by the need of the company to be completely independent in editing content and website pages.
The most significant components of the project are two:

  • Section Digital Showroom
  • Store Locator

The entire project was developed to interface directly with the database of the lines and patterns created by the internal team of Look Occhiali. The store locator, however, allows the visualization of all rechargeable store through the city or address.

  • Full responsive
  • CMS Wordpress
  • Google Maps API
  • Database Automatization

04. Skills

The Look Occhiali project involves several areas.
From the development of the frontend platform, to the Wordpress development through the modification and the optimization of "Theme" thus allowing an independent use to the customer, to the purely backend development with regard to the implementation of the sections Showroom and Store Locator.

User Experience.



Visual Design

Creative Design




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